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Innovative Fuel Optimisers

Insynch eco supply and install fuel optimisers to all sectors in the UK including commercial, retail, public sector and residential. The fuel optimisers are collars that fit to all systems to enhance the flow and performance of the fuel to save money and reduce emissions.



Insynch Eco has received an accreditation from OnSpeX, a consumer product evaluation company based in Cleveland. In testing a high-efficiency 100,000 BTU Carrier furnace using the Insynch Eco product, OnSpeX published the following results: “Combustion efficiency increased 1.42 percent, meaning a cleaner, more efficient burning of the fuel. Carbon Monoxide decreased 100 percent. Insynch Eco increased the temperature of the system by five percent, which means a higher heat efficiency that generates fuel savings, and increased the Steady State Condensate by 30.5 percent which results in an increase of airflow across the heat exchanger and overall savings on fuel costs.

A perception exists that going green and helping the environment can be a burden for a company. Living in an environmentally friendly manner at home can be easy, but if that lifestyle can get in the way of profit-maximization, it may be the last thing on the minds of those at the top of companies struggling to survive the tough times. This is why Insynch Eco promises to save businesses money and make its system both the economical and the environmental choice.

Fossil Fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil, are used to produce roughly 85 percent of all of the energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable resources that produce 21.3 billion tons of emissions a year. Nearly half of that cannot be absorbed by nature therefore this now becomes one of the leading causes of global warming. Despite all of the renewed talk of helping the environment and stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising further, Insynch Eco Fuel Optimiser improves the combustion of fossil fuels for commercial and residential systems and appliances.




Insynch Eco Fuel Optimiser targets the para-hydrogen and converts them into ortho-hydrogen molcules, thus allowing a more efficient combustion. This hotter burning of the fuel saves energy and costs, and reduces CO emissions into the environment. Fuel Optimisers are an externally fitted, non-invasive product.

All fossil fuels contain Hydrogen in two distinct forms: Ortho and Para Hydrogen in a 3:1 Ratio. Ortho-Hydrogen associates more freely with Oxygen, and is therefore more combustible.

We offer flexible, affordable solutions to our clients and our services include free survey, design, install and commission.

Insynch Fuel Optimiser

InSynch Energy Services are the UK distributor for Fuel Optimiser for all markets including retail and residential.